Prusa i3 clone build

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The idea here is to assemble and calibrate the Prusa i3 kit that is available from 3DPrintronics in India. Once assembled, Siddhesh will likely start another project to build an experimental 3D printer based on the Prusa with the following goals:

  • Multiple extruders
  • Larger print area
  • Add a touchscreen display
  • Remote management
  • Dream: Port Marlin to another board?
  • <name your idea here>


Members can join the project if interested.


In Progress

This is a log of events that track highlights of the project.

  • 25-May-2015: The Prusa was assembled after a lot of pain that was documented in a blog post. The build is still not complete because the parts have not been put together very well and the prints are unstable as a result. It is stable enough though to print one of the parts (Y-axis motor housing) that was found to be damaged, so this is the right time to take the printer apart again and reassemble, this time with a better finishing. Things to keep in mind during reassembly:
    • Replace the Z-axis end stop screw with a longer screw (M3x30 or thereabouts) and also push up the Z endstop by a bit to give some room for Z-axis calibration.
    • Spare nozzles (purchased)
    • Nozzle cleaning kit (purchased)
    • clean nozzle fully
    • Reassemble the hot end